Alliance for Innovation & Transformation

AFIT is an alliance of pacesetters—forward-thinking higher education CEOs committed to leading by example to show other higher education institutions how to innovate and transform their organizations in the face of unprecedented challenge and change.

We offer learning, development, and networking opportunities focused on customer-driven value, innovation, transformation skills and techniques, and approaches to help colleges and other organizations achieve the long-term sustainability necessary for their survival.

The Time is Now

It's no secret that there are considerable challenges facing higher education right now. The teaching and learning methods of the past are becoming obsolete, and time-worn processes have all but lost their effectiveness. No longer will the “take no action” or “move forward with incremental change” mindsets sustain operations. Colleges are closing their doors at an alarming rate, and some are teetering on the edge of existence. If institutions do not take action—and soon—they too may fall by the wayside. Even if a college feels that it is operationally sound, threats to its long-term sustainability are increasing, and the need for innovation and organizational transformation must become a priority.

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