AFIT Members Transform Higher Education

AFIT member President Terry MurrellAFIT CEOs and their member institutions make it real. At a time when higher education is being pressed to transform to thrive, AFIT CEOs and their teams are learning from the best in the world to transform their business models and create action plans that will ensure the vitality of the community college for decades to come.

Limited to 50 member CEOs, AFIT is designed to allow for deep, interactive, benchmark-driven learning that permeates its institutions. While many colleges are wringing their hands about the ever-mounting challenges of staying student focused at a time of diminishing resources, AFIT members are learning from Malcolm Baldrige Award recipients and state quality award winners. They’re learning how to adapt to what’s coming, how to redesign processes, and how to create sustainable business models.

AFIT’s annual Summer Institute is a learning activity like no other. CEOs bring a team to be exposed to best practices and then, with access to these learning partners, work as a team to advance a key transformation in the institution. The learning continues and the transformation begins when the team returns home and shares what they’ve learned and how it integrates into the college’s strategic direction.

AFIT CEOs are bold, brave, and committed to ensuring that higher education continues to be accessible to everyone. If you’re a member…bravo. If you’re looking for a chance to network with like-minded courageous leaders, contact us today.

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Terry Murrell
AFIT President / President, Western Iowa Tech CC