AFIT Seeks Coordinator for Learning Partners & Events

The Alliance for Innovation & Transformation (AFIT) is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the following role:

AFIT Coordinator for Learning Partners and Events

  • Works with the Executive Director to identify learning partners, develop the Summer Institute theme and learning design, and plan the program and schedule for both the Summer Institute and the CEO Forum and Reps Meeting
  • Leads the Summer Institute planning and presentation team
    • Solidifies the learning partners
    • Identifies the general session presenters and coordinates presentation content
    • Selects the breakout session presenters and coordinates presentation content
    • Finalizes the learning objectives, activities, and agenda with input from the CEOs and Reps
    • Coordinates the development of all handouts and packets
  • Plans the CEO Forum and Reps Meeting in conjunction with the Executive Director to provide a preview of the Summer Institute
    • Develops the learning objectives for the meeting to align with the Summer Institute theme
    • Schedules learning partner presentations to achieve the learning objectives
    • Creates resource materials for the learning theme and disseminates to the membership
    • Develops the agenda in coordination with the Executive Director
  • Facilitates and guides discussions during the CEO Forum & Reps Meeting and Summer Institute to maximize learning and interaction within and across teams
  • Coordinates and leads the Reps team to provide guidance on responsibilities, how to prepare for the Reps Meeting and the Summer Institute, how to organize and prepare their team for the Summer Institute, and leads Rep meetings and activities
  • Analyzes feedback from attendees and direct input from the Reps to determine the effectiveness of events, provides a summary to the Executive Committee, and recommends improvements as needed
  • Coordinates with the Executive Director and Coordinator for Finance on logistics, administrative and financial requirements associated with the Summer Institute and CEO Forum/Reps Meeting as appropriate
    • Technology and audio-visual requirements
    • Meeting room requirements and schedules
    • Catering requirements
    • Income and expense estimates
  • Provides summaries of the Summer Institute events for dissemination to the membership and also for posting on the AFIT website
  • Attends AFIT Executive Committee Meetings and the Think Tank

How to apply:

Interested candidates should email their resumes to AFIT Executive Director John Politi at

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