Background photo of Grand Rapids Community College campus. Foreground photo of Grand Rapids President Bill Pink.

AFIT Welcomes President Bill Pink

Dr. Bill Pink, President, Grand Rapids Community College

AFIT's Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Bill Pink, president of Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been accepted as a new member. After joining us as a guest at the 2019 Summer Institute in Plano, Texas, President Pink decided to apply for AFIT membership to help equip the College with the tools and skills needed to achieve higher levels of student success.

Through their continuous quality improvement efforts, GRCC has seen small, steady growth on their key performance indicators over the past several years. They have done a lot of difficult work to improve their policies and processes and have been rewarded for that work to a point. "We are proud of the accomplishments we have made," said President Pink. "But our students deserve more. We need to make bigger changes that will result in better outcomes for more students. We believe AFIT participation can help us make the switch to transformative change."

The highlight of GRCC's past experiences with AFIT has been the team learning. "We were able to leverage high-impact teams that participated in the Summer Institute and returned to complete a joint project of significant importance to the campus. We also benefited greatly from the intimate exposure to high-achieving organizations not related to higher education and the opportunity to learn from them. This is once again our goal. We plan to send a team each year with a purpose and project to match the annual learning theme. We will learn together and then come back to make a difference."

Donna Kragt, GRCC's dean of institutional research and planning, will serve as the College's AFIT Rep.

Donna Kragt, GRCC's AFIT Rep.

Please join us in welcoming Bill and Donna to AFIT!