AFIT Welcomes President Christina Royal

Dr. Christina Royal, President, Holyoke Community College
AFIT's Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Holyoke Community College's president, Dr. Christina Royal, has been accepted as our newest member. Dr. Royal decided to apply for an AFIT membership to serve as a catalyst for institutional transformation. The College recently underwent a strategic planning process and now has a revised mission statement, and a new vision, values, student experience statement, and strategic plan. They have formed implementation teams and feel there is also a need to provide additional direction to facilitate long-term cultural and strategic transformation. This, along with organizational and staffing changes, have a created a need for professional development opportunities consistent with the organizational transformation necessary to facilitate new thinking about how Holyoke Community College educates and supports its students.

HCC's chief of staff, Dr. Kathryn Senie, will serve as Holyoke's AFIT Rep.

Holyoke's AFIT Rep, Dr. Kathryn Senie.
Please join us in welcoming Christina and Kathryn to AFIT!