Background photo of Macomb Community College campus. In the foreground is a picture of Macomb President James Sawyer IV.

AFIT Welcomes President James Sawyer IV

Dr. James Sawyer IV, President, Macomb Community College

AFIT's Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. James Sawyer IV, president of Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan, has been accepted as a new member. President Sawyer was introduced to AFIT by members Tim Nelson and Dan Phelan. After joining us as a guest at the 2019 Summer Institute in Plano, Texas, President Sawyer decided to apply for AFIT membership.

"Participating in Summer Institute provided me the opportunity to see the type of speakers AFIT selects and to see how different colleges use the meeting to benefit their institution," said President Sawyer. "I spoke to several college presidents at the conference and they all saw AFIT as an important resource for their institutional transformation."

Timing also played a role in President Sawyer's decision to join AFIT. "We are in the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan, which will launch in January 2020. Initial results indicate there is a need for transformation in a number of areas. One theme that has resonated several times during our strategic plan development is the importance of collaboration and partnership. As an AFIT member, Macomb participants will learn and collaborate with other college leaders who have been engaged in cultural transformation work."

Don Hutchison, MCC's dean of engineering and advanced technology, will serve as the College's AFIT Rep.

Donald Hutchison, Macomb's AFIT Rep.
Please join us in welcoming James and Don to AFIT!