AFIT Welcomes President John Avendano

Photo of Dr. John Avendano, president of Florida State College at Jacksonville and new AFIT member
Dr. John Avendano
Photo of Jill Johnson, chief communications officer at Florida State College at Jacksonville and new AFIT Rep.
Jill Johnson

AFIT's Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. John Avendano, president of Florida State College at Jacksonville, has been accepted as a new member! Jill Johnson, chief communications officer, will serve as the College's AFIT Rep.

President Avendano first learned of our organization years ago when we were known as the Continuous Quality Improvement Network (CQIN). He was a vice president at Illinois Central College when he had the opportunity to participate in our Summer Institute program, an experience that stuck with him.

"I thought the programming and networking were exceptional, and I'd like to expose my leadership team at Florida State College at Jacksonville to best practices," said President Avendano. "I am looking to create a culture of excellence and innovation at FSCJ."

Christine Sobek, president of Waubonsee Community College, recently encouraged him to re-engage with AFIT by inviting him to attend one our monthly CEO Networking Sessions as a guest. Shortly after the session, he decided to apply for membership.

Dr. Avendano assumed the presidency at FSCJ in July 2019. Prior to that, he spent a decade at the helm of Kankakee Community College in Illinois. Under his leadership, FSCJ is focused on becoming a Top 10 Aspen Institute Institution and will be focusing on customer service, conflict resolution, innovation centers, and various diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

AFIT looks forward to helping President Avendano and the FSCJ team reach their goals!