Who's invited?

  • AFIT member CEOs
  • AFIT Reps
  • Up to 2 team members (we suggest inviting your HR leader, talent manager, professional/organizational development leader, etc.)

Our 2022 Topic

Talent and the Future of Work: Leading with Happiness and Humanity

How do we nurture and prepare a workforce for an uncertain future?

Member CEOs will have exclusive access to our Learning Partners’ senior executives to discuss the concepts and strategies that have led them to achieve performance excellence in this arena. This is a great opportunity to address your specific leadership challenges and provide feedback to shape the learning for the Summer Institute.

Attending this event will help you determine which colleagues to invite this summer so you can enhance your team’s learning experience for maximum impact at your institution.

Learning Design

We'll engage in vibrant discussions on burning questions like:

  • What does the labor market look like now and in the future as employers respond to the "great resignation"?
  • How can leaders respond to increased demand for autonomy and flexibility?
  • How do organizations create inclusive, accessible places, spaces, staffing models, and cultures that attract, retain, and grow talent?
  • What are the best practices and high impact strategies for navigating the "workforce of the future" challenges?
  • How do leaders create workplaces led with happiness and humanity?

Learning Partners:

  • Delivering Happiness
    • Jenn Lim, CEO, co-founder, and author of Beyond Happiness
    • Sunny Grosso, Lead Coach|sultant and Chief Culture Officer
  • GBMC Healthcare (a 2020 Baldrige Recipient)
    • Carolyn Candiello, Vice President for Quality and Patient Safety
    • Catherine Hamel, Executive Vice President, Continuing Care and President, Gilchrist
  • San Antonio College, Alamo Colleges District (2021 Aspen Prize winner)
    • Francisco Solis, Interim President, Dean of Performance Excellence
  • Great Place to Work®, Tony Bond, EVP, Chief Diversity & Innovation Officer

2022 Themeweaver: Timothy J. Nelson, President Emeritus, Northwestern Michigan College

Meet our 2022 Learning Partners and read their bios »


We can't wait to see y'all again — safely! — in person in Nashville, Tennessee!

You'll want to arrive early on Wednesday, March 9, so you don't miss our in-person CEO Networking Session, CEO Dinner, Reps Meeting, and optional Reps Dinner.


Preview Summer Institute for Maximum Impact

The annual CEO Forum and Rep's Meeting allows AFIT Member CEOs and Reps to preview the upcoming Summer Institute program so they can determine who to bring and how to enhance their team’s learning experience for maximum impact. It also gives CEOs exclusive access to the Learning Partners’ senior executives so they can discuss the leadership challenges involved with implementing the concepts and strategies that have enabled them to achieve performance excellence.

Why attend the CEO Forum & Reps Meeting?

Over a day and a half, AFIT CEOs and their Reps will gain insight into the learning experience provided by the Summer Institute, which will help them make informed decisions regarding its value for their organization, identify team members who would benefit most from the planned learning, and determine how to maximize the program's impact.

CEO Forum

The CEO Forum provides Member CEOs an opportunity to:

  1. Interact with other Member CEOs to discuss common issues and challenges, seek solutions to their issues and challenges that have worked for others, and learn successful strategies that are driving performance improvement in other colleges and universities.
  2. Participate in one-on-one sessions with senior executives from AFIT's learning partners to better understand the leadership challenges and solutions involved with implementing the concepts that have propelled those partners to high levels of performance.
  3. Gain an understanding of the concepts and strategies used by our learning partners that will be focus areas of the Summer Institute to permit the ability to build the right team to attend the summer program and maximize value for the organization.
  4. Attend a private, CEO-only dinner hosted by AFIT to allow for conversation and networking with other Member CEOs.

Reps Meeting

The Reps Meeting provides the organization's AFIT Rep an opportunity to:

  1. Preview the Summer Institute’s Learning Partners and their presentations.
  2. Assist AFIT's Summer Institute Coordinator with the learning design and delivery method for the Institute.
  3. Develop a better profile of the staff members who could benefit most from attending the Summer Institute and will provide the greatest impact once their team returns home.
  4. Develop and implement a pre-learning plan which will prepare their team members to bring the most back from the Institute.