As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we learn more about how to balance safety with the desire to return to "normal." We are excited to be back together in person at Summer Institute and want to share AFIT’s COVID-19 guidelines so we can all do our part to create a safe learning environment. 

AFIT will follow the hotel’s guidelines and local jurisdiction guidelines for holding events. The hotel and the event are “mask-friendly.” Masks are encouraged; however, it is an individual choice to mask during the Summer Institute.  

AFIT recommends the following practices prior to Summer Institute: 

  • If possible, test before traveling. 
  • If you have at-home tests, you may wish to bring one along with you. 
  • Mask while traveling.  
  • Do not travel if ill.  

In addition:  

  • AFIT will provide extra masks, hand sanitizer, and a limited supply of at-home test kits during the event.  
  • Teams have been assigned to specific tables for the event. The majority of the Summer Institute will incorporate activities within your team. Some learning partners will have you mix with other members.  
  • There will be breakout sessions on Friday, July 22. Each table in the breakout rooms will have a sign in sheet. Please be sure to sign the sheet as it will allow us to notify you should an exposure occur.  
  • To locate a COVID testing site in Nashville (zip code 37203) and schedule a test, visit: 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines will be applied in situations that have the potential to impact Summer Institute attendees: 

  1. Should an attendee of the AFIT Summer Institute (a) become ill during the conference with COVID-like symptoms, (b) become aware of a positive COVID test result, or (c) be exposed to a positive case, the CDC guidelines should be followed. Specifically: 
    1. If you test positive for COVID-19 OR have symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, isolate from others and refrain from attending AFIT activities.  
    2. If, while at AFIT, you learn you were exposed to COVID-19 and are NOT up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations, quarantine from others and do not attend AFIT activities.  
    3. Notify AFIT’s COVID point person, Tracy Dryden (cell: 608.769.5784), so that those who could be considered close contacts (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) can be discretely notified. No personally identifiable information will be shared.  
  2. If you are notified that you have been exposed to a positive case or a suspected case and ARE fully vaccinated: 
    1. You do not need to isolate or quarantine if you do not have symptoms.  
    2. Watch for symptoms and if they develop, isolate immediately and do not attend AFIT-activities. 
    3. For the safety of others, you are encouraged to mask.  

Thanks for doing your part to create a fun, safe experience at Summer Institute.  

See you in Nashville!