AFIT Summer Institute 2022

Under the right conditions, all students and employees can thrive. It's our job to create the right conditions.

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The 2022 Summer Institute is presented by Anthology

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Wednesday, July 20 
All times are in Central Time 

  • 12:00-7:00 p.m.| Broadway Foyer | Registration  
  • 3:00-4:00 p.m. | Belle Meade | CEO Networking Session
    Please come prepared to get to know other AFIT CEOs and discuss the challenges you’re hoping to address by participating in this year’s learning design. A short business meeting will be held to allow AFIT members to elect the 2023-2024 Executive Committee members.  
  • 5:00-7:00 p.m. | Event Hub – Level 1 | Welcome Reception  Sponsored by CampusWorks
    Before you head to dinner, please join us for a Nashville-style listening party featuring a special musical guest. Sponsored by CampusWorks.

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Thursday, July 21  
All times are in Central Time 

  • 7:00 am Breakfast | Broadway Foyer
    Thanks to our fellow coffee hounds at Arizona Western College for keeping us caffeinated and our friends at Waubonsee Community College for fueling our minds with a delicious breakfast!
  • 8:00 am Technology Check for Learning Partners | Broadway  
  • 8:00 am Team Time  
  • 8:30 am Program Opening | Erika Liodice | Broadway  

Assessing the Growing Conditions

  • 8:50 am Fresh Thinking: Understanding the Environment and the Future of Work | Timothy Nelson, AFIT | Broadway 
    Timothy Nelson serves as the “Themeweaver” for the 2022 AFIT Summer Institute. He will begin the Summer Institute with reference to the metaphor of a greenhouse as presented in the book Beyond Happiness by Learning Partner, Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness. He will present context for the next two and a half days through an overview of considerations and environmental conditions within which you will design your greenhouses. In this segment, you’ll experience an overview of generational differences, the “the great resignation,” workforce diversity and scarcity, and new expectations from stakeholders. Tim will share highlights of what you can expect to hear from Learning Partners and how you might connect concepts and make sense of the experiences at the Summer Institute. A review of the “jobs to be done” by our “Themeweaver” and by you, our members and guests will help in setting the stage for the best possible team learning experience.  
  • 9:10 am Growing Conditions in the United States: Workforce and Talent Development | Tony Bond, Great Place to Work | Broadway
    Few would argue that the past two years have been some of the most challenging in history. One of the biggest challenges for leaders has been ambiguity – the future is unclear, and the past is of little help. Despite these conditions, Great companies have found a way to continue to care for and develop their employees while conducting business amidst deep uncertainty. We will explore some of the ways companies are facilitating a great employee experience. 
  • 10:25 am Break and Photo Booth | Broadway Foyer
    Take a few minutes during one of our scheduled meals or breaks to visit the Photo Booth for a team photo, brought to you by the always-smiling Rio Salado College team.

Cultivating the Conditions & Sowing the Seeds for the Future of Work

  • 10: 40 am Seeding and Sustaining a Happy Culture: Going Beyond Happiness to (Re)Build More Human, Thriving Organizations | Jenn Lim, Delivering Happiness | Broadway 
    Jenn will explore how to move Beyond Happiness and build a culture to support and sustain human thriving. Whether you lead a company, teams, or your own work/life, it’s time to get to the core of who you are, live the purposeful life you want, and ripple your impact to people in your business and beyond. In this session, Jenn shares why it’s time to redefine happiness, the role that life’s highs and lows play, and how we’re more resilient when we live with happiness and humanity. She’ll define what it means to take care of your greenhouse as you grow others and explain the new concept of the double ROI — return on investment and ripple of impact. When we apply the learnings from Beyond Happiness, we wake up knowing, regardless of what bad news might be in the headlines that day, that we’re grounded in our internal worlds. That we’re putting our time and talents to the best use, in service of ourselves and everyone we touch in our ecosystems. 
  • 11:40 am Become Aware of Your Greenhouse Conditions - Connection and Belonging for an Authentic Culture | Jenn Lim  and  Sunny Grosso, Delivering Happiness | Broadway 
    Sunny will lead teams through an experience of connectedness that builds psychological safety and sets the conditions for true belonging across demographics and backgrounds. In this session, you will explore where connectedness fails and two simple keys for leaders to enable a sense of belonging. Participants will emerge with insights on where belonging can be strengthened, and ideas to action more meaningful connections in their organization, leading to stronger social ties, commitment, retention, and attraction.
  • 12:20 pm Lunch and Team Time | Broadway Foyer
    Thanks to our pals at Western Technical College for providing a hearty lunch to power creativity!
  • 1:35 pm Themeweaving, Timothy Nelson | AFIT | Broadway 
  • 1:45 pm Leadership Systems and Joy – Navigating the Challenges of the Pandemic with a Systematic Framework | Carolyn Candiello, GBMC and Catherine Hamel, GBMC and Gilchrist | Broadway
    Carolyn and Catherine will share how they responded to challenges with the pandemic using a systematic leadership approach that cultivates both joy and accountability. 
  • 2:40 pm Break and Photo Booth
    Thanks to the good people at Central Arizona College for keeping our energy levels running high!
  • 2:55 pm Building and Sustaining a For All Culture | Tony Bond, Great Place to Work | Broadway
    Tony will explore how organizations can build and maintain a culture that enables human flourishing while achieving extraordinary outcomes. The COVID-19 crisis, the rumblings of the Great Resignation, amidst many other systemic challenges, have led to many changes in how people imagine work. Together teams will focus on how organizations can maximize human potential and create a great place to work For All.
  • 3:50 pm Anthology Sponsor Message | Broadway 
  • 3:55 pm Day 1 Wrap Up, Erika Liodice |AFIT | Broadway 
  • 4:00 pm Photo Booth Open 

Friday, July 22  
All times are in Central Time

  • 7:00 am Breakfast | Broadway Foyer
    Thanks to our friends at Jackson College for a hearty breakfast and the good folks at Arizona Western College for keeping us caffeinated.
  • 8:00 am Team Time  
  • 8:30 am Opening, Erika Liodice | AFIT | Broadway  
  • 8:45 am Equity for All Students | Francisco Solis, San Antonio College | Broadway 
    Using the case study model, San Antonio College will share how the journey to establish equity for all students through transformative leadership has created its success in five critical areas: teaching and learning, certificate and degree completion, transfer and bachelor’s attainment, workforce success, and equity for students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. Session participants will identify strategies for improving student success metrics across the institution. 
  • 9:40 am Building Greenhouses: Start with ME to (Re)Set Your Foundation with Personal Values | Jenn Lim and Sunny Grosso, Delivering Happiness | Broadway 
    Jenn and Sunny will provide a personal Heartbeats experience highlighting the importance of being true to self and establishing work/life harmony – to attract and retain talent across dynamics and generations with an inclusive, more human foundation.
  • 10:25 am Break and Photo Booth
    Thanks to the good people at Central Arizona College for keeping our energy levels running high!
  • 10:40 am Building Greenhouses: Expand to WE to Identify Your North Star with Higher Purpose | Jenn Lim and Sunny Grosso, Delivering Happiness | Broadway 
    An organizational Higher Purpose path highlighting a strong, resounding WHY to drive motivation, decisions, and go beyond happiness to engage and motivate on the level of higher purpose. Participants will learn a process to create a first draft of each organization’s Higher Purpose, and touch on next steps to finalize and realize (live) this in an effective way that drives human thriving, attraction, and retention. 
  • 11:30 am MDT Marketing Sponsor Message and Instructions for Breakout Sessions | Broadway 
  • 11:45 am Lunch | Broadway Foyer
    Special thanks to our Richland Community College friends for today's lunch to fuel up for some afternoon learning!

Nurturing and Growing Talent

  • 12:45 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions - Round 1
    Please spread your team members across these sessions:

    1. NEW! Tim Nelson | Lessons Learned in 19 Years of Innovation
      The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts | Lisa A. Clark and Heidi Wind, Anthology | Edgehill (Level 2)
      Join Anthology’s Lisa A. Clark, senior product manager, and Heidi Wind, senior strategic consultant to discuss personal and professional perceptions of inclusivity and belonging within your own professional role and the culture at your own institution.
    2. Happy Campus in a Hybrid World | The CampusWorks Team, CampusWorks | Sylvan Park (Level 2)
      The COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges across the nation to implement emergency remote teaching and work practices, largely without experience in those areas. As a virtual company that has been certified as a Great Place to Work®, CampusWorks has years of experience with operating in remote and hybrid environments and has implemented several practices that help the organization, and its employees remain connected and productive. In this session, participants will learn about sustainable practices for promoting student success in a hybrid environment while ensuring employees remain engaged, satisfied, and retained. 
    3. Recruiting Diverse Talent | Catherine Hamel | GBMC and Gilchrist | 5 Points (Level 1)
      This session will explore how to leverage being a “Best Place to Work” certified organization along with intentional recruitment strategies led us to improved work force diversity and service to new customer groups. Through interactive dialogue, we will learn how others are approaching this growing, critical need to attract and retain new and diverse talent.   
    4. Data is So Crucial it Shut the College Down! | Savithra Eratne, Rosalind Ong, and Ester Coronado, San Antonio College | Sobro (Level 1)
      More than ever, beyond providing evidence required for accreditors and agencies, institutions rely on faculty, staff, and administrators to make data-informed decisions supporting equitable student achievement opportunities. San Antonio College developed a data assessment day (SAC SCORES) where they closed down the college to reflect on: Key Performance Indicators, Learning Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Unit Review. The San Antonio team will share how they developed and launched the assessment data day, determined data collection, and how outcomes have improved throughout the institution.  
    5. Cultivating Joy through Leadership Systems – A Deeper Dive | Carolyn Candiello, GBMC | 12 South (Level 1)
      This session will explore how a formalized leadership system can be used as a foundation to achieve joy as part of strategy. Using case studies and interactive dialogue, attendees will begin to identify important elements for their own leadership system. 
    6. Integrating Key Concepts to Solve Talent and Culture Challenges | Jenn Lim and Sunny Grosso, Delivering Happiness | Broadway 
      This session integrates learnings and insights from previous sessions into actionable plans for your culture, bringing the IRL (In Real Life) element to your culture needs. Round tables will work “live” case studies in a solution focused and repeatable method to solve challenges with the tools and concepts provided in the previous sessions. Participants will actively recap learnings, apply them collaboratively to solve real challenges, and receive expert guidance by Jenn and Sunny. Please bring along a description of a talent or culture challenge you can share with a small group
  • 1:45 pm Transition to Round 2 Breakout Sessions 
  • 2:00 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions - Round 2
    Please spread your team members across these sessions:

    1. Proactive Focus to Grow the “Workforce of the Future” | Mitch Talenfeld, MDT Marketing and Charlie Parker and Mike Lanouette, Aviation Institute of Maintenance | Belle Meade (Level 1)
      Through a case study with the Institute of Aviation Maintenance (AIM), MDT Marketing – one of AFIT’s corporate members – will share how AIM has been instrumental in training more than one out of every five aviation mechanics in America to serve as aircraft dispatchers, aviation mechanic technicians, avionics technicians, helicopter technicians, autonomous aircraft pilots, and more. MDT Marketing’s Mitch Talenfeld and Charlie Parker of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance will explore innovative approaches to identify a diverse student body to meet aviation sector and employer needs. With accountability sown into processes and systems, employee training, and tracked and measured key performance indicators, AIM has proven to be an opportunity to meet employers and students where they are.  
    2. Using the Baldrige Framework to Harvest Results that Matter | Carolyn Candiello, GBMC | 12 South (Level 1)
      This session will focus on how the Baldrige Framework for Excellence can be used to identify measures that matter to effectively cultivate joy. Examples of how GBMC has used key stakeholder requirements, integrated systems, and redesigned processes to identify and address workforce challenges that impact joy and happiness for the workforce will be shared. 
    3. Developing a Culture of Accountability and Execution while improving Performance and Employee Engagement | Catherine Hamel, GBMC and Gilchrist | 5 Points (Level 1)
      This session will explore how our shift to a culture of accountability and execution has led to sustained performance excellence and exemplary customer service. Learn how this approach has allowed us to accelerate change and improve employee happiness.     
    4. "All In" for Students: Courageous Leadership at San Antonio College | Francisco Solis, Stella Lovato, and Tiffany Hernandez, San Antonio College| Sobro (Level 1)
      This session highlights how San Antonio College changed its culture by breaking down traditional silos to be "all in" for its students. Presenters will share how they switched from a "that's not our role" mindset to a collaborative, cross-college culture through innovations in enrollment, holistic support, and dual enrollment. Session participants will be able to reflect and identify opportunities at their own institutions for creating cross-college teams to support sustained enrollment growth, provide holistic support, and better serve dual enrollment students.
    5. It’s Not What You Are Selling, It’s What They Are Buying – Competition for Talent, Students, and Partners | Timothy Nelson, AFIT | Sylvan Park (Level 2)
      Consider the realities of a “post-Covid world” that include declining traditional demographics, a potential oversupply of institutions, questions on the necessity and value of higher education, competition from our own sector and the private sector, a buyer’s market in the employment sector, and more. How do we adapt and compete for talent, students and partners? Come prepared to discuss your ideas, successes, and failures. 
    6. Leading Across Generations | Tony Bond, Great Place to Work | Broadway  
      Inclusive leaders (For All Leaders) understand how to build and maintain trust across generations. Data driven insights illustrate that while there are unique differences within generations, there are many factors that they hold in common when it comes to workplace expectations. We will explore how great leaders maximize the human potential For All.  
  • 3:00 pm Grab a Snack and Transition back to Broadway  
  • 3:10 pm Seedlings, Buds, and Blooms: A facilitated team activity and networking | Tracy Dryden, AFIT | Broadway  
  • 3:55 pm Day 2 Wrap Up | Erika Liodice, AFIT | Broadway  
  • 4:00 pm Team Time and Book Signing with Jenn Lim 

Saturday, July 23  
All times are in Central Time

  • 7:00 am Breakfast | Broadway
    Thanks to Bay College for our breakfast and Arizona Western College for keeping us caffeinated!
  • 8:00 am Team Time  
  • 8:30 am Opening Remarks | Erika Liodice, AFIT | Broadway  
  • 8:40 am Themeweaving, Timothy Nelson | AFIT | Broadway  
  • 8:50 am Achieving a Sustainable Harvest: Preparing People to be Part of Community and Society | Timothy Nelson, AFIT | Broadway 
    You’ve prepared your greenhouse and have cultivated, seeded, fertilized, supported, pruned, and reaped rewards. How do you maintain progress as change continues for learners, talent, partners, and the environment? The work is not “a one and done” effort, but a continual effort. In this session, you will examine how to sustain the harvest by preparing people to be part of community and society.  
  • 9:20 am Cultivating a Culture to Serve the Underserved | Catherine Hamel, GBMC and Gilchrist | Broadway
    In this session learn how GBMC leveraged its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work to expand services to underserved, marginalized communities and how this opened up new opportunities for funding and partnerships. Participants will be asked to share potential new opportunities they intend to cultivate and nourish in their own communities.       
  • 9:50 am The 100 Best Places to Work | Tony Bond, Great Place to Work | Broadway 
    As teams begin to synthesize the 2022 Summer Institute learning and plot greenhouses for the future of talent, work, and culture, Tony Bond shares the characteristics and qualities of organizations that earn the designation of one of the “100 Best Places to Work.”  
  • 10:20 am Break  
  • 10:35 am Learning Partner Panel with Q and A and Final Advice | Broadway 
    In this final session with the 2022 Summer Institute Learning Partners, teams will have an opportunity to bring forward unanswered questions about talent and the future of work. Learning Partners will provide quick advice as to what teams can do when they get home related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging – and other talent and the future of work topics.  
  • 11:00 am Plotting Your Greenhouse and Themeweaving |Tracy Dryden, AFIT and Timothy Nelson, AFIT | Broadway 
    In this culminating activity, teams identify what makes their organization one of the best places to work and what to celebrate when they get back. They also identify and share the work that is yet to be done and initial ideas about strategies and implementation of that work towards the development of their greenhouses and sustainability. Final Themeweaving thoughts will lead to a wrap up of the 2022 Summer Institute.  
  • 11:40 am Closing | Erika Liodice, AFIT | Broadway  

 Time to grow home ...

Recommended Readings to Prepare for Team Learning at the Summer Institute  

The following resources have been curated by AFIT’s learning partners, members, and staff to enhance your team’s understanding of the concepts embedded in this year’s learning design. Consider using these recommendations to prepare your team for Summer Institute by selecting a few resources that are relevant to your organization’s goals, reading them together, and discussing them as a team. All readings are optional. While reading these resources may enhance your experience at Summer Institute, not reading them won’t detract from the experience. 

Talent Trends 2022 

Talent Trends 2021 

Leadership and Culture 

Proposed Learning Objectives for Summer Institute:

By participating in the 2022 Summer Institute, your team will gain a deeper understanding of how to:
  1. Develop strategies for multi-generational and diverse workforces
  2. Respond to undeniable challenges in attracting and retaining talent
  3. Meet the needs of employers served by higher education institutions
  4. Create cultures that foster happiness and positive returns

Compelling Questions to be Addressed by Learning Partners:

  1. What does the labor market look like now and in the future as employers and educators respond to the "great resignation”?
  2. How can leaders respond to conflicting demands for autonomy and flexibility?
  3. How do organizations create inclusive places, spaces, communities, staffing models, and cultures that attract and retain talent?
  4. What are the best practices and high-impact strategies for developing and leading the "workforce of the future"?
  5. How do leaders create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces led with happiness and humanity?