Are you eligible to join AFIT?

To be considered for membership, you must be a CEO of a community college, four-year college or university, college district or system, or business organization affiliated with higher education


In order to qualify for membership, the CEO must be:

  • Leading his or her organization on a continuous improvement path in pursuit of performance excellence
  • Actively engaged in organizational transformation
  • Willing to learn from and share with other CEOs and their organizations
  • Willing to participate in AFIT activities and to appoint an AFIT REP to serve as the organization point of contact (together the member CEO and Rep participate in the AFIT CEO Forum and Rep’s Meeting and bring a team to the Summer Institute)

Membership Dues Structure  

  • CEO of a higher education institution or non-profit organization: $2,500
  • CEO of a corporation associated with higher education $7,500

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