Kari Granger

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Kari Granger
CEO & Founder
The Granger Network
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Kari Granger (Master Certified Coach, ICF) is a leadership expert and executive advisor with 20 years of experience catalyzing transformation at the individual and organizational level.

Prior to founding her company, Kari served as a decorated combat veteran, where she learned the imperative of transformative leadership in high-intensity situations. As founder and CEO of The Granger Network, Kari has brought this brand of transformative leadership from the battleground to the boardroom. Kari and her team specialize in helping companies thrive in high-pressure situations, such as restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic pivots.

With her characteristic curiosity, insight, and directness, Kari is highly sought-after for her ability to cut through the noise and dive into the heart of the matter. Clients routinely experience personal and professional breakthroughs in working with her. Kari has worked in five continents and in a variety of industries to include healthcare, technology, higher education, and the military.

Kari has a passion for helping leaders acquire the skills required to lead in this new era of accelerating change, such as learning to anticipate emerging trends, navigating contingencies, surfing complexity, and resolving stakeholder tradeoffs. Kari’s belief in a stakeholder-centric leadership model has even inspired her to volunteer her time coaching her own competitors to maintain relevance in a shifting economy.

As a mother with a strong voice in the world, Kari has a special interest in working with game-changing leaders seeking to balance an unwavering commitment to their families as well as their personal ambitions. Recently Kari has been leaning into this in sharing Colorado’s many adventures with her 7-year-old and husband and is currently working on preparing herself for the uncertainty and change that accompanies getting a puppy!

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