Meet Julie Rekart

On January 1st, AFIT welcomed Julie Rekart to the team as our new finance coordinator. In this role, Julie will be responsible for bookkeeping, facilitating event registration and tracking attendance, and managing membership dues. She will also work with AFIT Treasurer Tim Nelson and Executive Director John Politi to oversee the organization’s funds.

Julie is a certified public accountant (CPA) with considerable experience managing financials. She completed her undergraduate studies at Colorado State University (CSU), where she earned a degree in management. She went on to complete her accounting degree at Metropolitan State College, in Denver, followed by her CPA certification. Her education has opened many doors, allowing her to gain experience in a variety of industries, from telecommunications to manufacturing to building products, which eventually enabled her to start her own consulting business and work with organizations like AFIT.

"I love the idea of innovation and transformation," said Julie. "Personally, I haven’t followed the most 'typical' path in either my education or my career and have tried to do things my way, which translates into exercising innovation. I’ve also found that each time I made a career move, it absolutely transformed my life, attitude, and beliefs—and there’s nothing better than that! I now want to learn how to do that on a broader spectrum, and I have great respect for leaders who want to do that in their organizations. I really admire AFIT's educational model and the idea of collaborating with others in your field to share successes and failures, create change, and lead in a positive way."

Collaboration has been a hallmark of Julie's career. "In my entire work life, I have always thought that the best results or solution would come from communicating and collaborating with co-workers, customers/clients, and my professional network. I have never once found this to be untrue. So, I look forward to working with AFIT's staff and members to ensure the long-term success of the organization."

Julie and her partner of 12 years, Marlene, reside in Golden, Colorado with their dog, Watson, and cat, Evelyn. "I’m the dog person and Marlene is the cat person, but we make our blended family work." Julie and Marlene enjoy kayaking in their free time. Members of the Rocky Mountain Sea Kayaking Club, they have been to Voyageurs National Park and Yellowstone National Park for several week-long kayaking trips in the backcountry. They have also kayaked the coasts of Maine and Oregon and enjoy shorter, non-backcountry day trips as well.

Please join us in welcoming Julie to the AFIT team!

Julie Rekart kayaking on Twin Lakes in Colorado.
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