The Power of AFIT

Once you experience the power of AFIT, your institution will be forever changed. But don’t take it from us. Hear what our members and their team members think…

Productive Conversations

“Some of the most honest, productive conversations I’ve had since coming to Rio Salado College have occurred at AFIT’s Summer Institute, and it was predicated by the teachable moments and takeaways from our shared learning experience.”

– Dr. LeRoderick Terry, Vice President of Student Affairs, Rio Salado College, AZ

A Must-Have Resource

“As a longtime member and supporter, I find extraordinary value in the learning opportunities, networking, and professional development available through AFIT and the Summer Institute. AFIT aligns with our college’s Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) accreditation and is timely and innovative in the meaningful information, best practices, and tools that are shared. Our employees consistently bring back new ideas that enrich student success and organizational effectiveness. AFIT is a must-have resource for any leader in higher education who is passionate about achieving optimal results.”

– Dr. Sue Budjac, former President, Mid-State Technical College, WI

Exemplary Practices

“Western has been a member of AFIT since 2001. We have incorporated a number of college practices that are a direct result of our engagement with Learning Partners in the Summer Institutes. Indeed, some of these college practices are considered exemplary by our peer organizations. AFIT is a real winner in our book.”

– Dr. Lee Rasch, former President, Western Technical College, WI

Spirit of Collaboration and Teamwork

“The AFIT Summer Institute provides a spirit of collaboration and teamwork in a learning environment focused on actionable strategies for all levels of the organization.”

– Dr. Jackie Elliott, President, Central Arizona College, AZ

Unparalleled Professional Development

“I have found AFIT to be unequivocally essential to advancing the mission of higher education institutions. The learning environment is superlative and is only matched by the tremendous networking opportunities and connection with best practices, I hold my membership in high regard. Further, each team I have brought to the Summer Institute rank it as one of the best professional development experiences in their career.”

– Dr. Cristobal Valdez, President, Richland Community College, IL

Knowledge Sharing

“AFIT’s Summer Institute is an exceptional way for teams of colleagues to participate in the practical framework of utilizing continuous quality principles and exploring the best practices identified from AFIT’s corporate learning partners and other experts who have quality models to share. Our team has always been delighted by the learning partner examples that are customized later for practice on the college campus.”

– Dr. Gayle Saunders, former President, Richland Community College, IL

Powerful Learning

“AFIT allows our College team to learn more about promising practices from our colleagues nationally and how to better serve our community and students.”

– Dr. Mike Flores, President, Palo Alto College, TX

Best Investment

“If I had to invest in only one association, it would be AFIT.”

– Liz Murphy, CEO, CampusWorks