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PODCAST! Community Colleges As Economic Engines

Episode 273: Community Colleges As Ecomonic Engines

Dr. Daniel Corr, President of Arizona Western College (AZ)
Dr. Roger Stanford, President, Western Technical College (WI)

AFIT Executive Committee members President Daniel Corr of Arizona Western College and President Roger Stanford of Western Technical College appeared on America's leading higher ed podcast, The Ed Up Experience, to discuss how we can look at community colleges in a new light—as economic engines in our communities.

What does that mean? In this episode, Daniel and Roger discuss how community college-educated students can supercharge our economy and the communities they work in. Skills, workforce training, and economic impact are just a few issues discussed in this awesome conversation!

This interview is part of the EdUp Experience's new "Innovation & Transformation" series, which features conversations that explore the unprecedented challenges and changes facing higher ed. Listen to Daniel and Roger's interview...