AFIT member Dr. Terry Murrell, president of Western Iowa Tech, on the Ed Up Experience podcast

PODCAST! Evaluating the Experience of Students

Episode 282: Evaluating the Experience of Students

Dr. Terry Murrell, President of Western Iowa Tech CC (IA)

Everything Disney creates is an experience for their customers. This is an important lesson that Dr. Terry Murrell learned from Disney during AFIT's Summer Institute, and he applied this philosophy to the student experience at Western Iowa Tech.

In this episode, Terry talks with Ed Up hosts Dr. Joe Sallustio and Elizabeth Leiba about the importance of brand and why higher education is the ultimate word of mouth business. He gives us examples of little innovations with tremendous impact.

This interview is part of the EdUp Experience's new "Innovation & Transformation" series, which features conversations that explore the unprecedented challenges and changes facing higher ed. Listen now...