Member Events

CEO Forum & Reps Meeting

This meeting allows CEOs and Reps to preview the upcoming Summer Institute program so they can determine who to bring and how to enhance their team’s learning experience for maximum impact. It also gives CEOs exclusive access to the Learning Partners’ senior executives so they can discuss the leadership challenges involved with implementing the concepts and strategies that have enabled them to achieve performance excellence.

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Summer Institute

Summer Institute is a unique educational experience designed for CEOs and their teams to learn about a selected theme from world-class learning partners. Our learning partners are recognized quality leaders in their field and have demonstrated success with the selected theme. The themes are strategically chosen based on members’ needs, and they build on each other from one year to the next. During the program, teams participate in interactive learning activities and benefit from “team time” to discuss key concepts and translate them into actionable solutions that fit their institution’s needs.

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Leadership Development Institute

AFIT's Leadership Development Institute is aimed at developing new or future leaders at higher education institutions and affiliated organizations that embrace and champion innovation and continuous quality improvement.

Participants will gain tangible leadership training around topics that may not be covered in other leadership programs. The program, which consists of five learning events throughout the year, is designed to help participants create networking relationships with and between other leaders in the alliance.

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Executive Committee Events

Think Tank

The Think Tank is the Executive Committee’s annual planning meeting. During this important event, they work on strategy development and planning activities for future Summer Institute programs. It’s during these meetings that the dates and locations for future Summer Institute programs are selected as well as the learning themes, Learning Partners, and educational activities.

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Executive Committee Meeting

This meeting brings together members of AFIT's Executive Committee for the purpose of discussing the organization's business affairs, including planning, budgeting, and officer elections.

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